Harmony Drum Circles

Founder and Facilitator:  Patricia Hatfield, CMT, CCHMP

Patricia Hatfield lives in Santa Rosa, California, and works in Sonoma County and the greater Bay Area, living her passion to bring people together in harmony and full self-expression through music.  She is committed to people’s well-being and health, and to building our connections to ourselves, each other and to Nature through drumming, rhythm and musical expression.  Her programs and workshops are powerful gateways to experiencing the Nature of Rhythm and the Rhythm of Nature.  Patricia has been drumming for the last 25 years, with African and Afro-Cuban teachers, as well as Indian Tabla with Swapan Chaudhuri at the Ali Akbar College.  She is a drum circle facilitator, providing community drum circles and drum classes to a wide variety of populations.  She has studied with Arthur Hull of Village Drum Circles, as well as with Christine Stevens and Barry Bittman, MD, in the HealthRhythms Group Empowerment Training, and with Mary Knysh of Rhythmic Connections..  She has studied music performance and composition at UC Berkeley and is certified as a cross-cultural healing music practitioner with Pat Moffitt Cook, Ph.D. in Seattle.




TWO GREAT EVENTS  NOT YET SCHEDULED:    To be Scheduled when it is safe to gather together.

FIRST EVENT:  11:30 TO 12:30 PM

  • Dave Gibbons will be presenting the Tranquil Sound Gardens (TSG) at historical Monroe Hall in Santa Rosa, CA.  The opportunity to experience an extraordinary sound bath of gongs, chimes and bowls is not to be missed!   Please arrive by 11:15 AM so that we can get everyone settled by the 11:30 start time. Bring blankets or pillows if you want to recline to listen. 

SECOND EVENT:  11:30 TO 12:30 PM Saturday December 4, 2021

  • Patricia Hatfield  and Cheryl Ulrich will facilitate a community drum circle following the Sound Gardens – drums and percussion and melodic instruments will be provided, and of course please bring your own.  We will create a rhythmic musical journey together.  It is always a joy to discover the mystery of our creations as we play freely together!
  • Please bring proof of vaccination (per requirements of Monroe Hall)

WHERE:  Monroe Hall, 1400 W. College Avenue, Santa Rosa.

If you have any questions, please contact Patricia at 707-328-9651.    

ANNOUNCING:  COSTA RICA RETREAT:  THE NATURE OF RHYTHM – THE RHYTHM OF NATURE:   We are planning the next Retreat in Costa Rica in 2021  The March 2018 and 2019 Retreats were fabulous and we are excited to offer it again in March of 2021)  See www.RhythmofNatureRetreat.com  for  details




Team Building and Drum Circles for Corporations and Educational Institutions

  • Ensign Corporation:  Trained Activity Directors in 6 Facilities to facilitate drum circles for their residents; engaged in research project on benefits of drum circles for dementia
  • Earle Baum Center of the Blind and Visually Impaired: Drumming and music performance group using rhythms from different cultures.
  • Athleta: Celebratory drum circle for corporate retreat
  • Community Support Network: Provide drum circles for Hope House through sound and music for health and well being.
  • Avance:  Opening drum circle for 3-day conference for staff – teambuilding and community experience.
  • Kaiser Petaluma Staff Retreat: Closing drum circle for Kaiser Staff retreat in Petaluma. 

Senior Programs

Harmony Drum Circle programs invite self-expression while having fun making rhythmic sound and music. The drum circle becomes a safe space for each participant to be confident and comfortable as a contributing member of the group. Activity Directors repeatedly report that the drum circle is the most effective and engaging activity in their facility.  Senior programs that Patricia works with include:

• Assisted Living Facilities
• Skilled Nursing Facilities
• Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Facilities
• Well Elderly
• Staff and Caregivers


1. Exercise

2. Self-expression

3. Pain Reduction

4. Mood Improvement

5. Enhanced brain function 

6. Socialization

7. Participation

8. Fun and Laughter


  • Community Drum Circles
  • Family Drum Circles
  • Drum Circles For Weddings, Birthdays and other events
  • Drum Circles  for Corporations and Educational Institutions

Why Drum Circles?

Drum Circles bring us together in rhythm.  Connections are formed, community is expressed, we begin to play in harmony.   Rhythm is a source of human expression that has been present for human beings from the moment we are conceived – and before that, from the moment our ancestors were conceived, one generation after another, over thousands of years. All animals exist in rhythm — the heartbeats, the hoofbeats, the wingbeats – all rhythms of life. The rhythms that we open to, that touch us, bring us into alignment with the ancient rhythms of our ancestors.  We can find that place of harmony and deep connection when we are in a circle drumming and making music together.

Looking forward to joining together with you in a community drum circle,  exploring the rhythms of life!

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