My highest aspiration is to bring people together in joy and harmony and full self-expression.  I am committed to people’s well-being and health, to workability in our communities, and to peace in the world, and I envision drum circles as an avenue for well-being, peace and workability in the world, and I am part of the network of people worldwide who facilitate them.

Some people may ask – why drum circles? 

  • Rhythm is a source of human expression that has been present for human beings from the moment we are conceived – and before that, from the moment our ancestors were conceived, one generation after another, over thousands of years. All animals exist in rhythm — the heartbeats, the hoofbeats, the wingbeats – all rhythms of life.
  •  Our planet Earth has its own rhythms – rhythms of sound and silence, rhythms of movement and pulsation, rhythms of light and dark, never ending circles around the Sun.
  •  The perfection of our earth and our universe rests in cycles of movement, in rhythms. Our seasons bring different rhythms to life.  The breeze blows through the trees, there is movement, flashes of light.   Waves of the ocean can take us to a gentle place of calm or a powerful place of energy.  Everything that lives has movement, movement repeated in cycles, in rhythms.
  •  Rhythm is inherent in all of life, and when we drum, we bring ourselves to that place of deep connection with the rhythms of the earth, of the cosmos, and we re-enter that place of perfection, where every single piece of the universe is connected with every other piece of the universe.
  •  The rhythms that we open to, that touch us, bring us into alignment with the ancient rhythms of our ancestors.  We can find that place of harmony and deep connection when we are in a circle drumming together.


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